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Not all families have a happy home environment. There could be many reasons as to why not, and among the worst causes is domestic violence. Victims of domestic violence often stay silent because they do not know if it’s worth suing a family member or romantic partner. They may also find it difficult to even identify if what they are experiencing is a serious crime.

fort lauderdale domestic violence lawyerIt is unacceptable to have a family or household member hit or threaten another because families should be the main source of support and love for every individual. The household should be a safe space for the family.

However, emotions can get the best of people. If domestic violence happens all the time, it can traumatize the victim and rest of the family members who witness the recurrent situation. One can even be a victim of domestic violence even if they are not living in the same household as the perpetrator anymore.

If you want to take someone to court discretely and determine the best legal course of action against domestic violence, you can work with our Fort Lauderdale domestic violence attorneys at Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys. Our family law firm is committed to protecting you from further abuse and making sure the abusers are punished accordingly by the law. We will also ensure you get legal representation so you don’t have to face your abusers alone in court.

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Defining Domestic Violence in Florida

Under the Florida statute, domestic violence is an act where an abuser committed either one of these acts against their family or household member;

  • Assault (including aggravated assault)
  • Battery (including aggravated battery and sexual battery)
  • Sexual assault
  • Stalking or aggravated stalking (includes harassment and cyberstalking)
  • Kidnapping
  • False imprisonment
  • Any violent or criminal offense that leads to physical injury or death

If you know someone or are experiencing any of these abuses, contact one of our Fort Lauderdale domestic violence attorneys at Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys right away. We will immediately get on the case to protect you and get the court to intervene with the right legal action against these abusers.

Legal Protection From Violence

If the victim or victims wish to get additional protection from their abusers, they can apply for an injunction against domestic violence. Injunctions can also be filed by people who were not physically battered but in immediate danger of being victims. Injunctions can be filed in the circuit court of the place where you live permanently or temporarily, where the abuser is residing, or where the actual abuse took place.

ft lauderdale domestic violence divorce lawyerTo decide whether a person qualifies for an injunction, the court will look at various factors such as:

  • Your relationship with the abuser
  • Records of attempted harm or intent to harm
  • Threats made by the respondent toward your child
  • History of the respondent with animal abuse
  • Use of weapons
  • Criminal history of the abuser, which involves violence or threat of violence
  • Cases of the abuser destroying personal property
  • Any instances where the abuser has behaved strangely that led you into believing you will face immediate danger from the abuser and become a victim of domestic violence.

The court can pick from one of two types of injunctions when they see probable cause for approving the request: temporary and final injunction. Each type has a list of protections that the judge can include, from preventing the abuser from approaching you to the liabilities they have to pay on top of the other orders included in the protection.

Our Fort Lauderdale domestic violence attorneys will do their best to ensure you are safe from harm, even after the case is resolved. Our team will help you prepare the evidence that will help the court decide that you qualify for an injunction order. We will also ensure that the other party recognizes these orders and takes legal steps to report their refusal to follow the injunction order.

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Davis Logo 300x96 Fort Lauderdale Domestic Violence AttorneyDomestic violence is not a situation you should ignore, especially if it is becoming more severe for you and your family. It is also not something you should tolerate, even if the abuser is a beloved family member.

When you find yourself or your loved one facing a threat or impact of domestic violence, don’t hesitate to contact our Fort Lauderdale, FL family law firm. We will immediately spring into action to protect you from these abusers and make sure they face the full power of the law for their actions. Our team will handle your case with discretion so that you do not have to worry about it affecting your life after it has been resolved.

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