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Parents are a child’s first teachers and caretakers, making them important in a child’s life. However, not all families stay together, as some inevitably go through divorce or separation. In some cases, the parents are unmarried and do not live together. Children not living with their parents due to certain circumstances often fear the future as they long for the support and love of their parents.

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Fortunately, parents can still build a strong and healthy familial relationship with their children even if they are living in two different homes. This is done by coming up with a child custody agreement detailing how parents can spend time with their child and who decides for the child’s welfare and needs. But the court must approve this agreement and both parties must also respect it.

With the help of our Pine Island Ridge child custody attorneys at Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys, you don’t have to be stressed about understanding the legal process of child custody. We can assist you in determining the possible outcome for your case, how certain factors can affect your relationship with your child, and fight for your rights to be involved in your child’s life. Our legal team guarantees that we will be with you every step so you can enjoy building the relationship you and your child deserve without having issues.

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Definition of Child Custody in Pine Island Ridge

The Florida statute does not have the term “custody” in its contents, nor do they have terms such as “primary/secondary residential parental designation” or “sole/joint custody.” Instead, the courts use the terms time-sharing and parental responsibility or parenting plan.

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Time-sharing entails dividing the child’s time between each parent. Meanwhile, parental responsibility is the decision-making rights of the parent in a child’s life, from their education and health to their social participation. The court can rule on equal or sole responsibility depending on the child’s best interests.

Our Pine Island Ridge, FL family law firm can help you understand how the courts decide the child custody arrangements and how you can make fair time-sharing agreements and distribute parental responsibility accordingly.

Determining Child Custody

Normally, the courts allow the parents to agree on a time-sharing agreement and parenting plan that will work for them and meet the best interests of their children. The courts step in if the two parties cannot agree.

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The courts will be focused on ensuring that the child’s interests and welfare are focused on the child custody arrangements. In order to do this, they will consider various factors such as the parent’s willingness to support their child’s needs, the moral fitness of the parent, and their capability to provide. In some cases, the courts ask the children themselves who they want to stay with after a thorough examination.

While we cannot guarantee that we will get the results you truly want due to the different nature of each custody case, our Pine Island Ridge child custody lawyers will do their best to fight for your right as a parent to build a familial relationship with your child. We can also help you create a great time-sharing plan, negotiate parenting plans, sort out the documentation to support your custody plan, or even seek custody modification or enforcement on your behalf. Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys is ready to represent your side in court and fight for the result you want to the best of our ability.

Custody Modification and Enforcement

Child custody arrangements are not always guaranteed to be problem-free because many things can affect their effectiveness.

ft lauderdale custody attorneyThere may be a need to modify the child custody arrangements because you may need to move residences or change your employment status. Some situations, such as the death of a parent, reported child abuse, and repeated arrests, will immediately call for a child custody modification. No matter which situation you may find yourself in, it can affect the existing child custody arrangement. Our dedicated child custody attorneys can check the possible arrangements that can be made to the child custody agreement and help you plan a new time-sharing and parenting plan that will fit your new schedule.

We will also forward the plan to the courts so they can do the necessary reviews and approve the new plan. It is crucial that the new plans will consider the child’s best interests for the courts to approve the new arrangement. You can also ask our team to recommend the best arrangements if you are unsure which fits your lifestyle while ensuring you have ample time to be with your children to strengthen your relationship.

Meanwhile, if the other parent is not following the custody arrangements for whatever reason – from missed drop-offs, being late to failure to comply completely – you have the right to seek legal action to get the other party to recognize the arrangement. Our Pine Island Ridge child custody attorney on the case will assist in enforcing the arrangement.

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Your children deserve to be in an environment where they will greatly thrive and live without fear or worry. They also deserve to have a strong relationship with their parents no matter who they live with.

With Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys as your family legal team, we can help you sort out child custody arrangements for your children and ensure that each parent has ample time to be with the children, whether you have the main custody or not. We can also assist in helping you get custody orders enforced or modified should there be a need, as well as question the arrangements if you see a reason to do so. Our team will also handle your case with compassion and discretion because we know how important this is for your child’s future and your relationship with them.

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