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Domestic abuse and domestic violence are one of the secret dangers that many families face. When someone close to you is causing other’s harm, it is painful to watch and can be even more complicated to try to handle.

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Victims of domestic abuse often aren’t sure how to stop the abuse and may struggle to determine if domestic violence has even occurred. It often seems like there is a lot of gray area when it comes to domestic abuse. What if the abuse is emotional, not physical? What if it doesn’t happen very often? You may not know what to do to get the abuse to stop. We can help.

Without action, domestic violence can spiral into more and more dangerous situations. If you are concerned that you, your children, or loved one may be the victim of domestic abuse, our compassionate Dania domestic violence attorneys can explain your options, get the protection you deserve, and help you take the legal steps needed to best avoid further abuse.

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Defining Domestic Violence

Understanding what falls under the broad umbrella of domestic violence can be challenging. It doesn’t consist of just physical harm, and the perpetrator doesn’t have to be someone who lives in your home.

couple dealing with domestic abuse Domestic violence occurs when someone you have or have had a familial or romantic relationship with, such as a spouse, ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, child, parent, or co-parent causes or threatens to cause you harm. This could be physical battery, the threat of battery, sexual assault or abuse, child abuse, spousal abuse, stalking, kidnapping, or any other offense resulting in physical injury or death.

Restraining orders can be used to help protect from assault, abuse, or violence by putting legal consequences to contacting you. These orders can demand that an abusive partner leave your home, can have impacts on child custody arrangements, and can even cause the perpetrator to be responsible for child or spousal support while the order is in effect.

The dedicated Dania, FL domestic violence lawyers at Ft Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys apply swift legal action to aggressively protect you.

Legal Protection from Violence

The safety of you and your family is our top priority. We assist with filing divorce proceedings, making swift child custody adjustments, and assist with filing for protective orders as a best effort to keep your family safe.

child upset by fighting Beyond filing for protective injunctions, domestic violence is a legally punishable crime in Florida. This means that you can pursue criminal charges against someone who has hurt, or even just threatened to hurt, you or other members of your family. The perpetrator will then potentially face jail time, fines, or other punishments in accordance with Florida law.

Some domestic violence crimes are considered felonies, depending on the type and severity of the offense, as well as who it was performed against. Violence against children, disabled individuals, pregnant women, and the elderly often carry heavier sentences, as well as crimes with a deadly weapon, those that were done in the presence of a child, or those committed by an individual with a history of perpetrating abuse.

Our Fort Lauderdale domestic violence law firm is dedicated to both protecting you, relieving your fear, and making sure that those who hurt you are held accountable for their actions.

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Ft Lauderdale Divorce Attorney You don’t have to live in a situation where you are afraid for your safety or that of your loved ones. If someone you live with now or lived with in the past is physically causing you harm or is threatening to do so, we can help you get the protection you deserve.

We assist with filing protective orders, handling divorce proceedings, assisting with child custody modifications, and supporting you during this difficult time. The Dania domestic violence lawyers at Ft Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys are dedicated to aggressively protecting you.

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