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No matter how much love you provide your children, there are other things that they need to have a successful, safe, and healthy life. Whether dealing with child support as a part of divorce proceedings or as an aspect of father’s rights, you must first prove your willingness to financially support your child before you can be awarded time-sharing or access.

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As your Broward County child support attorneys, we help you understand what your obligation may be. In Florida, both parents are required by law to provide financial support to a child. That does not mean that both parents are responsible for making child support payments. Many different factors come into play when determining an individual’s child support obligation. The courts will consider the income of each parent, the current or planned custody arrangement, and all costs associated with raising the child, including insurance, education costs, and child care.

We assist with all aspects of child support, including initial support orders, modification of orders as your ability to pay changes, or child support modification, Ft Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys provides dedicated Fort Lauderdale child support assistance.

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Child Support Calculation

When it comes to child support, not every parent is required to pay, unless the child is still a minor.

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Most of the time, the spouse who has sole physical custody of the child is on the receiving end of financial support from the other parent. The law also assumes that the sole custodial parent already contributes financial support to the child since the parent takes care of the child’s daily needs. However, each case has different factors that can affect how each parent will be required by the court to pay for child support.

There are extreme cases such as when the sole custodial parent earns a significantly higher income than the non-custodial parent, which might result in zero child support from them.

Florida courts make decisions based on a number of factors: both parents’ monthly income, additional cash benefits, amount of alimony paid to one parent, the number of kids that each of them is supporting, the time spent with each parent according to custodial rights, and other child-raising expenses.

Aside from maintaining a relationship with your child, making sure that your kid gets all the needed financial support is far more important. It’s your parental responsibility to ensure a bright future for your kids by giving them everything that they need while growing up.

We help you understand exactly what child support you may be required to pay or eligible to receive.

Child Support Enforcement

A parent’s obligation to provide adequate financial support for the children will still be in effect until they finish high school or until their 18th birthday, whichever comes later.

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However, there are instances when it’s crucial for child support to be extended even after the required period. One of the common reasons is when the child needs medical support or if the child has disabilities that require them to receive special care even as they reach adulthood. If a Florida court requires you to continue providing support for your children, you have to do so no matter what kind of financial situation you’re currently in.

If you’re entitled to child support but haven’t been receiving any, you can seek legal help by going to a Florida court. For instances where you always get delayed child support payments, you are legally allowed to apply a wage garnishment before any Florida court.

Even if the other parent is self-employed and doesn’t have the standard paycheck, there are legal actions that can be applied.

Child Support Modification

Eighteen years is a long time, and not everyone has a steady income source for that long period.

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If you’ve come to a point where you’re barely making ends meet or if the other parent has financial problems, that could result in delayed or missing child support payments. Similarly, one parent can also suddenly get a huge raise or become successful in a business, that could be a chance to give better child support. Changes in custody agreements can also require changes in the amount of child support. These instances are acceptable reasons to try and modify the child support agreement.

Our Broward County, FL child support experts provide the assistance that you need when it comes to child support modifications. We will discuss your situation and the legal action that you’re hoping to take.

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Our dedicated Broward County child support attorneys will see to it that your children will rightfully get the support that they deserve. We’ll analyze your situation, as well as assess your requests and other factors that might affect your case. If you need an experienced and reliable child support lawyer, then Ft Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys is the best option for you.

You want the best possible future for your kids, and we’re here to help you make it a reality.

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