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Love is not enough to feed children and help them grow as well-rounded individuals. They will need access to food, water, shelter, clothing, and other essentials to pursue their goals. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children have these things and not lack anything.

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In Florida, both parents are required under the law to provide financial support to their children even if they are divorced. But, during these cases, automatic child support payments are expected as the court assesses how much the child support payments should be and if one or both parents should support their child financially.

No matter your situation, whether you are the one requesting child support payments or ordered to pay child support, you can trust our Fort Lauderdale child support attorneys at Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys to provide you with all the legal support you need. We can help with the different child support proceedings—from the documents for child support application or modification to enforcing a child support order.

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Child Support Calculation

While it is the responsibility of both parents to provide for their children, not every parent is required to pay child support once they get divorced. In most cases, one parent is expected to pay child support to the other parent, who will then use it for their child’s needs.

child support lawyer ft lauderdaleIf a parent is given sole custody of their child or children under a time-sharing agreement, they will be the ones receiving the child support payments. However, there are cases wherein the custodial parent must tackle their child’s financial needs because they have a higher income than the noncustodial parent.

The courts consider several factors to determine who pays child support and how much it will be. Some of these factors include the financial capacity of both parents, any monetary benefits they have, their time spent with the child, and the child’s expenses that a child support order will cover.

If you plan to obtain child support for your child or wish to understand your support responsibilities, our Fort Lauderdale child support attorneys will gladly help you understand it.

Child Support Enforcement

Child support obligations normally last until the child finishes high school or turns 18, whichever comes later. However, there are cases where child support obligations can be extended, such as in cases where the child has specific medical or disability needs. If you are the one paying child support, you are legally required to make regular and full payments until the order’s expiration date.

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If you are late or unable to make any payments, legal action can be taken against you by the court. Some of the penalties you may expect include wage garnishments, liens against your home or business, and even a jail sentence. This ensures that the parent receiving child support will have a legal option they can use if the payments do not come on time as ordered by the court.

As your Fort Lauderdale child support attorney, we will aggressively fight to ensure you get the child support on time. You can also count on us to monitor the application of the child support penalties to the other party once the court takes action.

Child Support Modification

From the time it was ordered, the child support arrangements would need modification as the child’s needs and situation change. Each parent’s situation will also influence existing child support, especially if it affects their financial ability. Fortunately, requesting child support modification is easy no matter where you are in Florida.

child support lawyer ft lauderdale areaEither parent can reach out to the Child Support Program of Florida’s Department of Revenue to review their request to change the support order. Parents can also file their request before the circuit court, which orders the child support arrangements. The Program will then look at the information provided by both parents and determine whether the modification should be made or whether there are other factors that contradict the necessity for a support modification.

If the Program sees substantial, involuntary, or permanent cause for them to approve the request, a legal proceeding will take place to change the arrangement. The changes may vary depending on who issued the child support order. Court-ordered child support will require a Program attorney to assist in the changes. An administrative support order can be changed after both parents are informed that changes can be made through a legal proceeding.

Our Fort Lauderdale child support attorney works closely with the Florida Department of Revenue and Child Support Services to assist with child support modification requests and get them approved quickly. Our team will also help you prepare the necessary evidence needed for your request to be considered and a modified child support computation that both parties can agree on.

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To grow up without worries, children must be given everything they need aside from love. The right amount of financial support for basic supplies, quality education, health care, and social activity will definitely help them pursue their dreams and feel that their parents truly love them.

If you are going to seek child support for your child from their other parent or you are ready to take financial responsibility, you can count on our Fort Lauderdale, FL family law firm to make the process easier. We can explain the law and legal process more efficiently and request if you need child support modification or enforcement. No matter when you need our legal services, we are ready to assist and help you protect your child’s future.

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