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Divorce assistance, child custody arrangements, child support enforcement, asset division, spousal support, and alimony- there is a lot that Ft Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys, your Plantation family lawyers, can do to support and assist when facing some of the most complicated and heartbreaking legal issues a person can face.

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Families are messy and wild and complicated. Whether you are fighting for access and time with your biological children, struggling to find independence through the divorce process, or want to learn how to protect your family from domestic violence, our dedicated and compassionate family law attorneys deliver the effective support you need. Your professional Florida family law firm, our professional team guides you throughout every aspect of your specific family law case, providing legal advice, dedicated support, and aggressively fighting for your rights as a parent or individual.

Your family relationships and the people that are part of your daily life have the biggest impact on your daily and long-term happiness. Changing your family dynamic may be the only way for you to pursue the life that you most desire. Many families will face a family law legal matter at one point in time. When your family needs help, make sure you seek the qualified assistance of a dedicated Plantation, FL family law firm, like Ft Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys.

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Experienced Florida Family Lawyer

A dedicated, experienced Florida family law attorney, Ft Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys assists you with all aspects of family law. We provide dedicated and compassionate child custody support and aggressive divorce assistance. We work hard to help you obtain a favorable outcome for any family law legal matter you are faced with.

  • Plantation Family Lawyer divorce attorney segment 300x199 Divorce Attorney: Every divorce comes with its own set of unique issues to address. Our experienced divorce lawyers will help you navigate this complex time. We understand that divorce is more than a breakup; it is a restructuring of your life and relationships. We help you see a brighter tomorrow that is more in line with your life goals and assist with all aspects of divorce, including child custody, support, and asset division.
    • Property & Asset Division: During divorce proceedings, asset division is often one of the most heated and controversial discussions that we work through. Each party has their own ideas about what fair means for them. We assist you with fully identifying all assets, determining which are yours solely and which are subject to division, and are strategic in creating a negotiation plan that is targeted at keeping the possessions most important to you.
  • Plantation Family Lawyer child custody segment 300x199 Child Custody Lawyer: The most sensitive topic during divorce proceedings, child custody defines your rights regarding decision-making rights and physical time spent with your child. We assist with initial custody arrangements, child custody modification, and custody enforcement. We work hard to develop and have the courts approve a custody and parenting plan that works for you, allowing you ample time to build and maintain your relationship with your minor children.
  • Plantation Family Lawyer child support attorney segment 300x199 Child Support Attorney: Both parents are financially responsible for supporting their children. Florida courts consider the income of each parent to determine which may be responsible for making a payment, if either. If both parents are on an equitable financial footing, and both are actively participating in the upbringing of the child, then neither parent may be responsible for payment. If your situation changes, we can assist with child support modification or enforcement if the court-ordered support obligation is no longer being met.
    • Spousal Support: In some situations and marriages, one spouse is financially dependent on the other, such as a stay at home parent. When facing divorce, this can place one of the parties at a great disadvantage in moving forward with their current quality of life. Spousal support, or alimony, is the court’s way of offsetting this sudden disparity. If you need temporary support while you seek gainful employment or long-term support due to an inability to work, our alimony attorneys help make sure you are provided the assistance you need.
  • Plantation Family Lawyer fathers rights segment 300x199 Father’s Rights Lawyer: Building a relationship with your children as an unmarried father can be challenging. If you have a child or children that you would like to take responsibility for and begin to build a loving relationship with, we can help. We assist with establishing paternity, working out child support obligations, assisting with custody agreements, and ensuring you have the legal rights of time-sharing and access that every parent deserves. At Ft Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys, we will aggressively pursue your father’s rights.
  • Domestic Violence Attorney Ft. Lauderdale Domestic Violence: Unfortunately, protecting your family can sometimes mean protecting yourself from your family. Many home situations can result in domestic violence. Even people with no history of violent behavior can be provoked to act in a manner that puts your or your family at risk. If there is someone close to you that is causing you physical harm, or even just threatening you with violence, we can help protect you with legal action. We can assist with custody modifications, divorce proceedings, or file for protective orders.

Let’s Talk- Compassionate Legal Advice

Ft Lauderdale Divorce Attorney A Plantation family law firm, Ft Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys provides sound advice, dedicated legal representation, and creative and insightful solutions to your family law needs.

When you need a motivated, aggressive divorce attorney, a compassionate child custody attorney, or a motivated father’s rights law firm, our local family lawyers are prepared to fight for the best possible outcome for you.

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